The event is open to firefighters only, climbing in approved structural firefighting full turnout gear (FFG). Firefighters may be serving in any Fire Service, Airport Rescue Fire Brigades, Industrial Brigades, and Rural Fire.
Firefighters will be asked to provide identification proving their current service. Firefighters must take full responsibility for their own fitness levels. A medical certificate may be required at the organiser’s discretion.

Scheduling and climb times

Climbers will be emailed a start time in the weeks before the event. It is essential that they sign in at least an hour before their start time.
Race times will be recorded by a chip in each race bib and displayed at tomatotiming.racetecresults.com throughout the day.
All bibs must be attached below the left knee (safety pins provided).
Race bibs can be collected the day before (more details to come) or at sign in on the day.

Gear and equipment

All climbers must wear the SCBA provided for them by the event. They do not need to bring their own SCBA nor will they be permitted to use it.
Climbers must wear full structural firefighting gear and an SCBA set on their back from the start line to the finish line or be disqualified.

Climbers are required to bring and compete in the following equipment. This equipment will NOT be provided by the event:

  • Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting helmet
  • Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting coat
  • Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting pants
  • Nationally certified, Structural Firefighting gloves

Participants are permitted to wear either sneakers or boots. Sneakers are recommended to reduce the risk of tripping.

Turnout coat and pants must meet NFPA 1971 standards on protective ensemble for structural firefighting. Note: Flash Hoods are NOT required to climb.

The Event Coordinator and his/her assigned officials shall inspect the gear at the staging area prior to the competition and the start area for compliance. The Event Coordinator has the authority to disallow any equipment on the grounds of compliance. Climbers not able to secure approved equipment will be disqualified. The structural firefighting gear being used by climbers in the event must be freshly laundered and must NOT be contaminated or dirty. If contaminated gear is brought to the event the climber will NOT be permitted to participate.


Climber registration is $180. $80 of that is a registration fee to cover all event costs. The other $100 will be held as a temporary donation that climbers will be able to receive back as a rebate if they individually raise over $500. If the application for the rebate is not submitted before the deadline, the $100 will be donated to MND research.

How will the rebate work? If a climber individually raises at least $500 or has a team tally that totals $500 x number of team members by 9 October 2019, they will be sent an email in October 2019 that invites them to
claim the rebate back by the due date. To ensure climbers receive their rebate, all climbers are responsible for:

  • Entering their correct email address in the registration form
  • Monitoring their email inbox in October 2019
  • Responding to the email by the due date outlined in the email.
  • If a climber is no longer able to participate in the climb before raising $500, or does not respond to the email by the due date, the $100 will be donated to MND research.


We are racing to the top of the tower, but the real race is against MND. Team and individual fundraising would not be possible without our fundraising partner, GoFundraise. Once a climber has registered, they will be prompted to set up a GoFundraise fundraising page that they can
share with friends and family. Climbers will also receive fundraising packs with an authority to fundraise, information about the climb and other material to assist in their fundraising efforts. The bottom line is that money is the only way to save these lives, and that’s what we are here to do.

Fundraising Awards

Highest Fundraising Team
Awarded to the team that has the most funds banked on their fundraising page by midnight the evening before the climb. In 2018 the winner of this award was the Team Regal with $67,129.

Best Individual Fundraiser
Awarded to the individual who has the most funds banked on their fundraising page by midnight the evening before the climb. In 2018 the winner of this award was Adam Regal with $59,784. In 2018 a special category award was presented to the Highest Firefighter Fundraiser, Caitlin Danyi, who raised $18,135.

Climber Awards

Fastest Team
Awarded to the team who climbs the Sydney Tower Eye with the fastest average time (determined by adding the times of all team members, divided by the number of people in the team)

Fastest Individual
Awarded to the person who climbs the Sydney Tower Eye the fastest. In 2018 James Ghislain took out this award with a time of 11min 43sec.

Fastest over 45
Awarded to the person aged 46 or over who climbs the tower the fastest. To qualify for this category, you must have turned 46 before the day of the climb.

Fastest in Boots
Awarded to the person who climbs the tower the fastest wearing structural firefighting boots. To qualify for this category, you must have selected yes to the question on the registration form that asks whether you will be completing the climb in boots. Note: Climbing in boots in optional, sneakers are also permitted.


The team at the Firies Climb for MND can’t thank you enough for taking part. This event is making a difference in people’s lives. Giving hope and giving firies the opportunity to showcase what they can do when it’s required of them. It’s a tough challenge and brilliant cause.