Core Values

The Firies Climb for MND is, and always will be a Firefighters event. As such, it will not be open to other services, unless under specific circumstances such as – a CEO/ VIP team, Celebrity involvement, or a unique circumstance that is agreed to be out of the ordinary by the committee.

Not $1 of donor’s money will ever be used to run the event.

100% of donations will always go to research/clinical trials at Macquarie University’s MND Research Centre and/or Clinic

The committee shall be made up of Macquarie staff and voluntary non-paid persons.

Safety of all persons involved in the event should be the highest priority. The event should grow within safe means. Maximum safe numbers, minimise risk and recognise there are limits to what can be done.

At all times Firefighters should act within their own Agency’s core values and beliefs, as well as the core values of the Firies Climb. Our position in the community is powerful and hard-earned. It should be upheld and honoured above all. 

The Firies Climb for MND should be a positive, uplifting and supportive experience for those families living with MND.

We will serve as a community supporting those affected by MND and have their best interests at heart at all times. The Firies Climb for MND has and always will exist to honour those people, both past and present.

No donation, corporate sponsorship or financial support will ever compromise the climb’s core values.