For Climbers


Please Note: This information relates to the physical Firies Climb for MND only, which is currently postponed because of COVID. Anyone can do the virtual #1504forMND challenge. SIGN UP FOR #1504FORMND

The Firies Climb for MND is open to operational firefighters only who climb in approved structural firefighting full turnout gear.

To be eligible to climb, climbers must:

  • Be over 18 years of age on the day of registration
  • Be serving in any Fire Service, Airport Rescue Fire Brigades, Industrial Brigades, and Rural Fire.
  • Be able to provide photo identification proving their current service.
  • Take full responsibility for their own fitness levels. A medical certificate may be required at our discretion

Gear and equipment

To participate, climbers must wear full structural firefighting gear and a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) set on their back during the climb. SCBA sets will be provided by the event on the day, personal SCBA are not permitted.

Climbers are required to bring and climb in the following equipment:

  • Nationally certified, structural firefighting helmet (flash hood not required)
  • Nationally certified, structural firefighting coat*
  • Nationally certified, structural firefighting pants*
  • Nationally certified, structural firefighting gloves
  • Closed in shoes (Boots or sneakers are permitted. Sneakers recommended to reduce the risk of tripping)

* The structural firefighting gear used by climbers must be freshly laundered and must not be contaminated or dirty. Turnout coat and pants must meet NFPA 1971 standards on protective ensemble for structural firefighting.

All gear used by climbers will be inspected on the day of the event. We reserve the right to deny climbers the ability to participate if their gear is deemed contaminated or dirty. If contaminated gear is brought to the event the climber will not be permitted to participate.


There is a registration fee required to participate in the Firies Climb for MND. The fee goes towards ensuring we can run a safe and successful event for climbers, non-climbers, MND patients and their families. It also includes the climber’s race bib (to be worn during the event), timing chip (affixed to the back of the race bib), fundraising collateral (posters, stickers, bucket etc.) and a t-shirt.

Details about the 2022 registration date and fees will be confirmed soon - watch this space.


Our climbers race to the top of the tower, but the real race is against MND. Climbers may fundraise individually or as a team.

Once a climber has registered, they will be prompted to set up a fundraising page that they can share with friends and family. Climbers will also receive fundraising packs with an authority to fundraise, information about the climb and other material to assist in their fundraising efforts.