Fundraising Tips

Here are some simple tips and tricks for raising money towards your climb.


It’s a good idea to make the first donation yours! You will always feel better about asking someone to do something you’ve already done. And, if you can, make it a decent donation as people are most likely to follow your lead.

Shake a Bucket

You will be surprised how many donations you can collect just by heading out into town with your donation bucket for an hour. In 2016, one team raised over $2,000 in one hour at a local train station shaking buckets in uniform!


Ask local cafes, butchers, supermarkets, shopping centers etc. if you can place a donation bucket on their counter, many will be happy to support you! Also, ask local businesses if they will sponsor you or your team to do this climb.

Host a BBQ

Contact your local Bunnings to host a weekend BBQ


Send an email or Facebook message to your friends, family or colleagues and ask them to sponsor you for your climb.

Get Creative

Hold a trivia night, make a product to sell/auction, wash cars, involve the community – the opportunities are endless. To discuss ideas, contact Megan on 0437 681 955 or Matt on who can assist!

Need more donation buckets or fundraising collateral? Check out the merchandise page or contact Megan on 0437 681 955.


This event is open only to firefighters and volunteer firefighters. Members of the general public are not permitted to enter.